Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Rings

I did something really dumb. My fingers have been swollen, but instead of taking my wedding rings off I left them on, even after I knew they were getting a little tight. I just hated the idea of not wearing them! Well, they definitely got stuck! The past few days I've been trying pull them off and haven't been able to. I thought they were going to have to cut them off at the hospital and I've been so sad about it!

Today I googled how to take a ring off a swollen finger. A number of people had tried this unusual sequence and it worked:
  1. Hold your hand above your heart to reduce swelling and let the fluid drain from your finger.
  2. Soak your hand in ice water for 10 minutes to reduce swelling.
  3. Spray Windex (I know...weird) on your finger and twist the ring off.
So today, I tried it. It hurt pretty bad, but it worked! So for all of you other pregnant momma's - take your rings off before it's too late and you have to go through this:)

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