Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things are going well!

I had a really good doctor's appointment yesterday. My blood pressure was normal! It is good to know that maybe bed rest hasn't been pointless! Also, the NST showed that the baby is doing well and responding the way he should. He was asleep during the first 10 minutes of the test so they held a buzzer up to my stomach and he immediately jumped! Poor thing...it scared him! So if everything continues to go well, I may have a few more weeks to go.

My mom came up Sunday night to help me out this week while Matt is at work during the day. It is SO nice having her here! She helps out with so much...I currently hear her in the other room vacuuming!

I go for another NST on Thursday, and then I have another doctor's appointment next Monday. I will keep this updated if anything changes!

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Mecall said...[Reply to comment]

I just sent you an email to see how the doctor appt went yesterday but I should have checked here first. Glad you got a good report! Hang in there.

Duski said...[Reply to comment]

Praise the Lord! I am so happy to hear the good news. :)

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