Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good weekend and good eating at the Darts

We've had a pretty good weekend. Yesterday Matt went to the farmer's market and got some tomatoes, and then went to a Jewish bakery and picked up some challah bread (sooo good!). He made us tomato sandwiches for lunch with homemade mayo! They were SO good! For those of you not from the South, tomatoes with white bread and mayo are a staple during the summer.

Shayna, who goes to church with us, brought us dinner (which was awesome!), so Matt decided to make something new for dessert: profiteroles. They are basically a pastry filled with ice cream and then topped with ganache before serving. They were delicious. I know I've said it a million times, but I'm a lucky girl:)

Other than eating delicious food, Matt and I kept busy this weekend watching movies and hanging out with each other! We watched The Fugitive and Little Miss Sunshine that we'd tivo'd, and several episodes of two of Matt's favorites: Chopped and Cake Boss. 

Today I couldn't go to church with Matt so I listened to Francis Chan online. It is impossible to listen to him and not be convicted! By the way, Christian Audio is giving away one of my favorite books, Francis Chan's Crazy Love, on audio for free! If you haven't already read this book, download the audio and listen to it! It's awesome.

Matt went to the Cubs game tonight to watch Adam pitch. I was so sad I couldn't go! Matt took his friend Marc, though, and I'm sure they had a good time. I got to watch it on tv and Adam did great!

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