Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bed Rest

I went for a routine visit to my endocrinologist (diabetes doctor) this morning and when they took my blood pressure it was a little high. I already had an appointment this afternoon with a high-risk OBGYN at the hospital. By this afternoon my blood pressure was even higher, so they ran a few more tests and told me I may have pre-eclampsia and needed to be monitored.

I sent Matt a text message telling him that I was being admitted into the labor and delivery unit of the hospital. In retrospect, it probably would have been a good idea to tell him that I was not actually in labor! He was freaking out and ran through downtown Chicago to catch a train to get to me. Meanwhile, he couldn't get me on the phone because I was taken to a room and was being hooked up to several machines. I could hear my phone beeping across the room, but they were drawing blood and I couldn't get to it, and I felt so bad! Soon we were able to talk though and he was there within an hour. I was a little scared too because I didn't know what was going to happen. I had a good hour by myself laying in that hospital bed praying harder than I have in a long time!

Apparently pre-eclampsia can be dangerous for both the baby and mother. If I was further along, they would go ahead and induce me, but since I am only 34 weeks, they want me to wait a little longer so the baby can develop a little more. They said it is a balancing act of not wanting it to be dangerous for me or baby, but also not wanting to take the baby too prematurely.

Finally they said I could go home but ordered me on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. I'm allowed up to go to the bathroom and to get a shower and to go to doctor's appointments, but other than that I am supposed to be laying on my side. I already have a stack of books by my bed and I am looking forward to having no excuse not to read them!

Thanks to everyone for the calls, concerns, and prayers. We are extremely blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who care about us.

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Daniel and Duski said...[Reply to comment]

We are praying for you and Baby Dart, Miller!!! I am sure it is hard not to worry. I will try to give you a call this evening. We will be on our way out of town. Have fun reading!

The Popes said...[Reply to comment]

Sorry to hear about your bedrest Miller. But, as I am sure you already know, anything is worth it once you finally get to see and hold that little guy! Our prayers are with you guys.

Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

Bummer about the bed rest. My sister S had this with her 3rd child a few weeks before her due date. Chris and I drove out there and stayed with her for several days, taking care of the kids so she could rest and my BIL could go to work. Okay, okay - I took care of the kids and Chris went to a coffee shop to do work, but he was there for moral support, ha ha!

Hope the time flies by :-)

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