Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rest in Peace, Coco

Our sweet little Coco passed away unexpectedly this week. On Sunday night we noticed she was sick, and Monday she seemed pretty lethargic and wasn't interested in eating. We'd just switched dog foods and thought that's what was making her sick, so we'd gone to get her old food, but she died during the night Monday. Matt was out of town traveling, but thankfully my mom was here.

Matt surprised me with Coco on our first anniversary in November 2005. Right after we'd gotten married I'd wanted a dog really badly. I wanted a lap dog. In March 2005 we saw Ellie at a rescue shelter and fell in love with her. But as much as I love her, she isn't exactly a lap dog, and that's why Matt surprised me with Coco that November. She was a 12 pound Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and instantly became my "baby." I absolutely adored that little dog.

2005 right after we got Coco
Christmas 2005

Aug 2008 - moving to Chicago!

June 2009

When we first got Coco I was worried about how Ellie would treat her. Ellie is definitely the alpha dog, and tends to dominate other dogs when she feels threatened. It turns out there was no need to worry. Ellie and Coco were best friends. They slept on the same little bed together, and would curl up together to take naps during the day. I think Ellie's a little lost now without her best friend.

We are thankful for our 7 years with Coco and will miss her terribly!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A visit from Aunt Lulu!

Matt's sister Jessica came to visit Labor Day weekend (I KNOW, I am so far behind in posting!) We had a great time with her!

Liza loves her Aunt!
Reading new books that Aunt Lulu brought!
Aunt Lulu took Will to the beach! 
On Labor Day we took a picnic to the park by the lake! 

Feeding the ducks!
Jessica painted these stools for Liza and Will while she was here - aren't they great?!! She is SO talented!

I love these pictures of Will and Jessica - such happiness! 

We had a great time with you Aunt Lulu, and Will and Liza adore you! Come visit us again soon!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Liza is 4 months!

  • You've started sucking your thumb! You don't really cry at all anymore when we put you down to sleep - you just put your thumb in your mouth and sooth yourself to sleep!
  • You've discovered your feet! You love to pull your feet up in front of your face and look at them!
  • You weigh 13 pounds, 15 ounces (50th percentile) and you are 25 3/4 inches tall (90th percentile)
  • You are able to sit in your bumbo seat really well now!
  • You are still eating 5 times a day and sleeping from about 10pm to about 9am.
  • You aren't swaddled anymore when you sleep! You've transitioned to a sleep sack (a wearable blanket for babies) and sleep so well with it!

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