Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas part 3

We spent Christmas night with Matt's family at his sister Casey's house.

Cousin Otto opening his gifts
A new glove from Lulu!
A new game from Uncle Don!
A Toy Story  flashlight from Uncle Beau and Aunt Kate
Casey and Eric put together such a great dinner - lamb, potatoes, broccoli casserole, and green bean casserole! And Matt's mom made a fantastic gluten-free caramel cake for dessert!

Will loves his Uncle Beau!

And I will leave you with the gift Matt got Eric this year. It is a giant fish that you can move around by remote control. Will hated it - he ran up to Beau and said "Hold me Beau! I'm scared!"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas part 2

We went to the Cloister with my family for dinner on Christmas Eve. We had planned to take Will and at the last minute decided to let Matt's mom watch him instead. I'm so glad we did - it was after 10pm before we ever got a check!

Christmas morning Will was still on central time and pretty exhausted from a crazy previous couple of days. We ended up waking him up at 10am when he still wasn't awake! He woke up in a good mood though and was excited that Christmas was finally here!

Eating a yummy Christmas breakfast!
Checking out his stocking!
Opening his fishing kit from Pop-pop!

He's a super hero!
Will liked to help Pop-pop open his gifts too!
Will is a fire chief!

And a baker!

He got the rest of the Toy Story characters (he only had Woody)! He was pretty excited!
He wanted to walk Max with his new super hero cape and snow boots on!

Pictures of Christmas afternoon/night with Matt's family coming up next!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas part 1

We flew down to St. Simons Friday. Our flight was pretty uneventful other than I left my iphone on the plane! So if you happen to be on a Delta flight in seat 31B, check the seat pocket to see if my phone is there! I remembered that it was still in the seat pocket after we got off the plane, but we were not allowed to reboard to get it. The flight attendants said they couldn't find it, but we have the ability to track my phone using Matt's iphone, and it showed that it was still on the plane. Frustrating! I've filled out reports with both Delta and Hartsfield Jackson airport, in the small chance that someone finds it and turns it in. In the meantime, if you need to get in touch with me please call Matt's phone or email me.

My extended family was already at my parent's house when we got there Friday night, and we woke up on Christmas Eve and had a big brunch and opened gifts together. I was so happy to see baby Jack, my cousin Christine's little boy. I got lots of pictures of him:)

Jack and his grandmother (my aunt) Faye 
Jack and his aunt (my cousin) Sarah
Will and Jack in their matching Christmas pj's!

Will LOVES Christmas trees! He loves to point out all the ornaments he sees!

Will handed everyone their gifts (he actually took 90% of them to his Pop-pop!)
Dalton, Sarah, and Baby Jack
Baby Jack playing with his new instrument from Will!
Will's new train track from Aunt Faye that he LOVES!
The whole gang
More pictures from the rest of our Christmas coming up!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21 weeks

And for a little comparison, here I was at 21 weeks with Will (on Easter Sunday 2009!)...

How far along: 21 weeks

Size of the baby: A banana - 10.5 inches long, and according to the ultrasound Monday she is 13 oz!
How I am feeling: I must have gotten bigger this week - I had 2 stranger comments! And the lady sitting in front of me at church on Sunday (who I don't know) reached out and touched my stomach! I was so surprised!

Highlights this week: We got to see our little girl this week! She looked perfect! We took Will with us to the appointment, and when the 4D picture came on the screen we told him it was his baby sister. He loudly said "It's a MONSTER!"

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