Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas part 2

We went to the Cloister with my family for dinner on Christmas Eve. We had planned to take Will and at the last minute decided to let Matt's mom watch him instead. I'm so glad we did - it was after 10pm before we ever got a check!

Christmas morning Will was still on central time and pretty exhausted from a crazy previous couple of days. We ended up waking him up at 10am when he still wasn't awake! He woke up in a good mood though and was excited that Christmas was finally here!

Eating a yummy Christmas breakfast!
Checking out his stocking!
Opening his fishing kit from Pop-pop!

He's a super hero!
Will liked to help Pop-pop open his gifts too!
Will is a fire chief!

And a baker!

He got the rest of the Toy Story characters (he only had Woody)! He was pretty excited!
He wanted to walk Max with his new super hero cape and snow boots on!

Pictures of Christmas afternoon/night with Matt's family coming up next!


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