Sunday, May 31, 2009

KCF Picnic

Today we had our end of the year picnic for KCF (Kellogg Christian Fellowship) at the park by Lake Michigan. The first picture is of the second year leaders and their wives, who will be graduating and leaving us in a few weeks. The second picture is of the first year leaders who will be leading KCF next year. It was sad to say goodbye to the second years, but the first years have done a great job so far and I am excited about KCF next year!


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Friday, May 29, 2009


At the recommendation of my friend Courtney, Matt and I went to Hopleaf in Andersonville for dinner tonight. Andersonville is a neighborhood a couple of miles south of Evanston. It is a really cute area...the main street (N. Clark) reminded me of a main street in the fifties, although it was definitely urban/hip.

We got there around 6:30 and the wait was 45 minutes. We didn't realize until we were seated that they have a patio out back where we could have waited. The front part of the restaurant is a very crowded bar, so it was hard to wait there (especially when I'm pregnant and couldn't get a drink). I ordered the "CB&J," an interesting take on a PB&J. It is pan-fried on sourdough bread and has house-made cashew butter, fig jam and morbier cheese. It was DELICIOUS. Seriously maybe the best sandwich I've had. It was served with Stilton mac-n-cheese, which was out-of-this-world good. I noticed several people around me had ordered a side of the mac-n-cheese with their dinner. Matt ordered the Duck Reuben, which was served on marble rye bread with a cranberry cream cheese spread and sauerkraut. I didn't try it (I'm not a fan of meat right now), but Matt loved it.

We both thought the food was outstanding and we'd like to go again this summer...we'll have to go before August though, as they don't let anyone into the pub who is under 21, including infants.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm in the 3rd Trimester!

As of today I am 28 weeks and officially in the 3rd trimester! Time is flying by so fast...I can't believe I am two thirds of the way through already! I am feeling good except for backaches, which are worst at night. Other than that I feel great and actually enjoy being pregnant!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My friends surprised me tonight with my pack-n-play! I go out for a "Girl's Night" every Wednesday night with a great group of girls - Malissa, Courtney, Ruth, Jenn, and Kimberly. All of these women have husbands at Kellogg, and all of them are involved in KCF - Kellogg Christian Fellowship. All of their husbands, with the exception of Ruth, are second-years at Kellogg, and so they will be graduating in a few weeks, which I am selfishly sad about! I am going to miss them so much! The good news is that it looks like Courtney, Jenn, and Malissa will all be staying in Chicago, so hopefully I will still get to see them next year!

We typically go out to eat at a somewhat cheap place each Wednesday, where we chat and eat and end with prayer requests. These are amazing women of God, and I have enjoyed these Wednesdays so much! This past Wednesday they chose to go to Tapas Barcelona, which surprised me because it is a much nicer place than what we usually do on Wednesday. I love Tapas Barcelona though, so I was excited. After ordering our food, Jenn and Malissa said they had to go "put more coins in the parking meter" outside, and a few minutes later they came back carrying my pack-n-play! It was awesome, and I am so thankful to them for thinking of me! Unfortunately my camera died just as the waiter was going to take the picture, so we took the picture with my iphone, which explains why it is so blurry!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Dart will have a cousin!

My sister-in-law, Casey, just announced that she is pregnant! She is 12 weeks today, and the baby is due in December! Yay!! I am so excited for Baby Dart to have a cousin the same age! This is Casey and Eric's first baby, and we are so excited for them!

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Monday, May 25, 2009


Matt and I have been wanting to try this place and had wanted to take the Pearsons there but it never worked out, so the two of us went today! iCream is located in Wicker Park, about a 25 minute ride away, but several of our friends told us this was the best ice cream they'd ever had, so we wanted to try it out!

The concept behind i-cream is that it is made fresh while you wait, using liquid nitrogen. They have a liquid nitrogen tank that feeds into several Kitchen-Aid mixers, where they make your ice cream in front of you. You can choose between ice-cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, or a hot custard. They have several flavors and several mix-ins to choose from (check out their menu here). 

I thought it was really good (although I don't know if I'd say it was the best I'd ever had) and I'd like to go again if we are in Wicker Park.

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The Pearsons Came to Visit!

Cobb, Mecall, and Lucy came to visit us this weekend! We had so much fun. Here is a summary of what we did:

Thursday 5/21 - The Pearsons landed at Midway and then took the El up to Evanston. They got here around 8pm and  the guys immediately began putting in our air conditioners that had been stored away for the winter (Thursday was the hottest day of the year so reached the low 80's), while Mecall and I played with Lucy.

Friday 5/22 - I had to work in the morning, and Matt took Cobb to his Friday morning class with him. After I got off work and the guys got back from class we all went to Pomegranate, a local mediterranean place, for lunch (their hummus is sooo good!). After lunch we drove into the city. We drove down Michigan Ave. to show them the Magnificent Mile, and then we went to Navy Pier. We arrived just in time for the 3:15 architectural boat tour. The weather was really nice and it was a lot of fun! Afterwards, we walked around Navy Pier. For dinner we went to Uno's, the original Chicago deep-dish pizzeria (it is very good)!

Saturday 5/23 - In the morning Matt, Cobb, and I went to the Evanston Farmer's Market. We picked out cheese, tomatoes, bread, asparagus, eggs, and flowers, and then headed home to make brunch. We had scrambled eggs with an aged cheddar cheese, an asparagus salad, garlic asiago bread, and tomatoes with mozzerella. It was a feast! In the afternoon we took the El to Lincoln Park. We stopped at Lush to buy bath products, and then stopped at Stinky Pants, a really cute baby boutique. We had dinner at Minnies, a diner that was made famous recently after the Obama's visited. The concept is that everything they sell is miniature in size, so you can get several mini burgers or sandwiches. The guys even got $2 mini beers! Overall I thought the concept was interesting, but the food was just ok. After dinner we walked to a nearby park and let Lucy swing in the swings and ride down the slide with Cobb! On the way home we stopped by an upscale cupcake bakery, Swirlz, for a cupcake and the weather was nice so we sat outside for awhile. 

Sunday 5/24 - We took Cobb and Mecall to our church, Evanston Bible Fellowship. We meet in a movie theatre. It was Matt's and my turn to keep the nursery, so we watched Lucy in the nursery while Cobb and Mecall went to the service. Afterwards, we had lunch at Bat 17. The food was excellent and everybody loved what they got. After lunch it was time for Lucy's nap and we all took naps as well! Then we walked to the park by the lake with the dogs. Afterwards, we went to Tapas Barcelona for dinner. It was so good! By then it was late, so we nixed our plan of going out for ice cream and went ahead and came home so Cobb and Mecall could start packing and Lucy could go to sleep.

We had such a fun visit with them and we miss them so much already! It was weird to get up this morning and not have a baby in the house! Matt and I learned a lot about babies this weekend, especially what it is like to live on a schedule. Matt practiced feeding Lucy, and witnessed bath time, and a diaper changing! I think he was getting the hang of it! It was also good to see how our dogs would interact with a baby around. Lucy loved the dogs and would squeal any time she was around them! The dogs were curious of her, but a little scared too I think! We've had such a fun few days, and we can't wait for the Pearsons to come again, and for other friends and family to come visit!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rachel Barkey

Rachel Barkey is a wife and mother of two children and has terminal cancer. She is not expected to make it to her 38th birthday. She recently gave a very powerful talk to a large group of women on her thoughts on life and death. You can watch it or listen to it here. It is well worth your time! She is an incredible woman and her message is so powerful!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ray Ortland posted a great article on gossip this week that I found very convicting and helpful. Here is part of it:
What is gossip? It is not necessarily false information. Slander is false. Gossip might include true information, and maybe that’s why gossip doesn’t always feel sinful. What makes it sin is, first and foremost, that God says it’s sin. But gossip spreads what can include accurate information to diminish another person. That is not how people behave when they are living in the power of the grace of God.
Gossip is our dark moral fervor eagerly seeking gratification. Gossip makes us feel important and needed as we declare our judgments. It makes us feel included to know the inside scoop. It makes us feel powerful to cut someone else down to size, especially someone we are jealous of. It makes us feel righteous, even responsible, to pronounce someone else guilty. Gossip can feel good in multiple ways. But it is of the flesh, not of the Spirit.
Adultery too is a serious sin, and one likely to be disciplined in a church. But I have never seen a church split over the sin of adultery. Gossip is a sin rarely disciplined but often more socially destructive than the sensational sins.
Gossip leaves a wide trail of devastation wherever and however it goes – word of mouth, email, blogging, YouTube. It erodes trust and destroys morale. It creates a social environment of suspicion where everyone must wonder what is being said behind their backs and whether appearances of friendship are sincere. It ruins hard-won reputations with cowardly but effective weapons of misrepresentation. It manipulates people into taking sides when no such action is necessary or beneficial. It unleashes the dark powers of psychological transference, doing violence to the gossiper, to the one receiving the gossip and to the person being spoken against. It makes the Body of Christ look like the Body of Antichrist – destroyers rather than healers. It exhausts the energies we would otherwise devote to positive witness. It robs our Lord of the Church he deserves. It exposes the hostility in our hearts and discredits the gospel in the eyes of the world. Then we wonder why we don’t see more conversions, why “the ground is so hard.”
What should we do when a conversation starts slipping into gossip? We should immediately challenge the sin: “Hey friend, sorry to interrupt, but this is gossip. So here’s the deal. This conversation is now on hold until you go get _____________, and then you can start over and say whatever you feel you must say right to his face. I am willing to be a witness to that conversation, but I will not participate in gossip. What do you choose to do?” Amy Carmichael established this rule at her mission station: “Never about, always to.”
“Let all things be done for building up” (1 Corinthians 14:26). Therefore, let’s always ask ourselves, “These words about to rise up out of my mouth or go out through my keyboard – do they build up? Am I being constructive? If the person I feel like discussing were here with me right now, how would his presence change what I feel like saying?”
You can read the full article here.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Brunch at North Pond

Matt and I had Sunday Brunch in Lincoln Park this weekend for a friend's birthday. It was at North Pond. It was great! It is right next to a pond with plenty of ducks, turtles, and fish swimming around and with a great view of the city skyline right behind it. 

Brunch is a three course fixed menu. There were about four options for an appetizer, main course, and desert. For the appetizer I had garlic onion soup. For the main course I had brioche french toast with strawberries. It was amazing! Definitely the best french toast I've ever had. Eight of the ten of us there ordered it, so it must be one of their most popular dishes. For the last course I had coconut cake with caramelized pineapple, coconut sorbet, and brown sugar crumbles. It was wonderful!

I definitely recommend North Pond for brunch, especially when the weather is nice and you can enjoy the park and pond outside!

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Right after we found out we were expecting, Matt's mom gave us the bassinet that Matt used when he was a baby. A friend of hers handmade it for her before Matt was born. This weekend, we decided to paint it white. I think it turned out pretty good! I am also going to make a cushion to go in it with some blue fabric. I am excited!

Right now I am thinking that the baby will sleep in the bassinet in our room for at least the first few weeks. We'll see how it goes!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Purse for the Organized

I love anything that will help me to be better organized, and my newest find is the Butler Bag. It has compartments built in to the purse to help keep everything organized. What a great idea! I am constantly digging in my purse to find things. I would love to try one of these out, but can't justify spending the money right now (the Hybrid is $165), when what I really need is a diaper bag. The website does say that a diaper bag is in the works - hopefully it will be out soon! I'll keep checking!

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Piper addresses Obama

Here is a video that Desiring God Ministries did of John Piper addressing President Obama on abortion on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It's a pretty powerful video!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Mobile

We got a new car this week to get ready for the baby! We've driven many times from Illinois to Georgia, and our old Camry just won't cut it with a baby and two dogs and all the gear they both require. So after researching several options, we decided on a used Acura MDX. It has plenty of room and a 3rd row seat, so it should last us several years! We are excited!

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring is Here!

Coming from the South, I am used to spring beginning in about March. So it seems like it has taken forever for it to start getting warm here. This weekend it did though, and so Matt and I took advantage of it and took the dogs to the park by Lake Michigan for a picnic. The tulips are also blooming, so we took lots of pictures of them also! Yay for spring!

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