Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My friends surprised me tonight with my pack-n-play! I go out for a "Girl's Night" every Wednesday night with a great group of girls - Malissa, Courtney, Ruth, Jenn, and Kimberly. All of these women have husbands at Kellogg, and all of them are involved in KCF - Kellogg Christian Fellowship. All of their husbands, with the exception of Ruth, are second-years at Kellogg, and so they will be graduating in a few weeks, which I am selfishly sad about! I am going to miss them so much! The good news is that it looks like Courtney, Jenn, and Malissa will all be staying in Chicago, so hopefully I will still get to see them next year!

We typically go out to eat at a somewhat cheap place each Wednesday, where we chat and eat and end with prayer requests. These are amazing women of God, and I have enjoyed these Wednesdays so much! This past Wednesday they chose to go to Tapas Barcelona, which surprised me because it is a much nicer place than what we usually do on Wednesday. I love Tapas Barcelona though, so I was excited. After ordering our food, Jenn and Malissa said they had to go "put more coins in the parking meter" outside, and a few minutes later they came back carrying my pack-n-play! It was awesome, and I am so thankful to them for thinking of me! Unfortunately my camera died just as the waiter was going to take the picture, so we took the picture with my iphone, which explains why it is so blurry!

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