Monday, May 25, 2009

The Pearsons Came to Visit!

Cobb, Mecall, and Lucy came to visit us this weekend! We had so much fun. Here is a summary of what we did:

Thursday 5/21 - The Pearsons landed at Midway and then took the El up to Evanston. They got here around 8pm and  the guys immediately began putting in our air conditioners that had been stored away for the winter (Thursday was the hottest day of the year so reached the low 80's), while Mecall and I played with Lucy.

Friday 5/22 - I had to work in the morning, and Matt took Cobb to his Friday morning class with him. After I got off work and the guys got back from class we all went to Pomegranate, a local mediterranean place, for lunch (their hummus is sooo good!). After lunch we drove into the city. We drove down Michigan Ave. to show them the Magnificent Mile, and then we went to Navy Pier. We arrived just in time for the 3:15 architectural boat tour. The weather was really nice and it was a lot of fun! Afterwards, we walked around Navy Pier. For dinner we went to Uno's, the original Chicago deep-dish pizzeria (it is very good)!

Saturday 5/23 - In the morning Matt, Cobb, and I went to the Evanston Farmer's Market. We picked out cheese, tomatoes, bread, asparagus, eggs, and flowers, and then headed home to make brunch. We had scrambled eggs with an aged cheddar cheese, an asparagus salad, garlic asiago bread, and tomatoes with mozzerella. It was a feast! In the afternoon we took the El to Lincoln Park. We stopped at Lush to buy bath products, and then stopped at Stinky Pants, a really cute baby boutique. We had dinner at Minnies, a diner that was made famous recently after the Obama's visited. The concept is that everything they sell is miniature in size, so you can get several mini burgers or sandwiches. The guys even got $2 mini beers! Overall I thought the concept was interesting, but the food was just ok. After dinner we walked to a nearby park and let Lucy swing in the swings and ride down the slide with Cobb! On the way home we stopped by an upscale cupcake bakery, Swirlz, for a cupcake and the weather was nice so we sat outside for awhile. 

Sunday 5/24 - We took Cobb and Mecall to our church, Evanston Bible Fellowship. We meet in a movie theatre. It was Matt's and my turn to keep the nursery, so we watched Lucy in the nursery while Cobb and Mecall went to the service. Afterwards, we had lunch at Bat 17. The food was excellent and everybody loved what they got. After lunch it was time for Lucy's nap and we all took naps as well! Then we walked to the park by the lake with the dogs. Afterwards, we went to Tapas Barcelona for dinner. It was so good! By then it was late, so we nixed our plan of going out for ice cream and went ahead and came home so Cobb and Mecall could start packing and Lucy could go to sleep.

We had such a fun visit with them and we miss them so much already! It was weird to get up this morning and not have a baby in the house! Matt and I learned a lot about babies this weekend, especially what it is like to live on a schedule. Matt practiced feeding Lucy, and witnessed bath time, and a diaper changing! I think he was getting the hang of it! It was also good to see how our dogs would interact with a baby around. Lucy loved the dogs and would squeal any time she was around them! The dogs were curious of her, but a little scared too I think! We've had such a fun few days, and we can't wait for the Pearsons to come again, and for other friends and family to come visit!

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