Friday, July 3, 2009

Update and Baby News

I haven't been feeling that great for the last couple of days so I haven't updated since the ultrasound on Tuesday. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and the baby's heart rate was normal, which was great! They had a hard time finding his heartbeat at first, and then realized that he has turned upside down! I knew something was different Wednesday - his kicks were much more painful (he was kicking my internal organs!) And my lower back was hurting a lot more than normal - I am not sure if that is due to him being upside down or if I pulled a muscle in my back, but standing and walking has been really hard to do the last couple of days - I feel like an old lady walking down the street! That, along with my hugely swollen feet and ankles mean that I am trying to stay off my feet and stay as comfortable as possible!

This week has been filled with TERRIFIC baby news!

  • Ashley and Craig Pope had their little boy today! He is just precious, and his name is Benjamin Andrew Pope.
  • My cousin Chrissy and her husband Mike announced this week that they are expecting!! Yay!! We couldn't be more excited for them.
  • Our friends Ryan and Julia, and Charlie and Lauren both announced this week that they are expecting! We have been praying for both of them for awhile and this is truly an answer to prayer!

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