Monday, January 11, 2010

Home at last!

After SEVEN weeks of being gone, we are back home! We flew from Salt Lake to Chicago on Saturday. Will did great on the plane and slept in my lap, but the day wasn't without difficulty - he had a major blowout in the security line. We didn't realize it until we got him out of his car seat to walk through the metal detector. We saw that there was leakage on both the front and back of his outfit, so we had to hold him out away from us as we tried to put back on our shoes and jackets and get all of our stuff back together before breaking out in a run through the airport to find the nearest restroom. Poor Will went from being confused, to frightened, to screaming. Thankfully I'd packed a backup outfit (after last week's fiasco)!

By the of my new favorite items? Praise Baby.
My mom gave this to Will for is basically like Baby Einstein but set to Christian praise music. Will LOVES it. If he is crying and fussy and we turn it on, he instantly becomes mesmerized. We took this and a portable dvd player on the plane and I am SO glad we did!

It hasn't been the easiest for me to adjust back to "normal" life. I'd been spoiled the last couple of months... having constant helpers with Will, not having to think about things like grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning (we did help cook and clean but it wasn't the same!), going out to eat and having fun all the time, and living in relatively warm weather (even in wasn't NEAR this cold!). I'm trying to have a good attitude, and I spent a good long while with God this morning asking for strength to get through the day. I think this is what God wants though...for us to be dependent on Him each and every day. Spending time with Him also gives me perspective...I have a WONDERFUL life, and I am SO thankful for it!


Thompson, Ashley and William Monk said...[Reply to comment]

Glad you guys are home! Hope you have a great 2010! Love all the pictures and post. Also, enjoy the Praise Baby info...I might get a cd and dvd! Thanks for the helpful info Miller!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I already miss that sweet face so much!!
Guess I'll just have to come up there!
Love, Mom (FranMa)

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Miller- If it makes you feel better, we had a hard time coming back to Augusta after Christmas too. It sure was nice to have all those helping hands around. Hang in there, bet you will have visitors before you know it!! Casey

Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

My mom has had Praise Baby DVDs for years for the grandkids. My nieces and nephews LOVE them! Chris was amazed at how enthralled they were whenever it came on.

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