Friday, January 15, 2010

Rice cereal

We've had a good week getting back into the swing of things. We started going to the gym again - Matt swims while I do the elliptical, and today my friend Courtney joined me so we could chat as we worked out! Earlier this week I went back to our Tuesday playgroup at Stephanie's - unfortunately (or maybe fortunately!) Will slept pretty much the whole time in his car seat. And then on Thursday I went to our church's morning Bible Study, which I've LOVED going to since we first came to Evanston last year. We are starting a study on Esther by Beth Moore, and I am really excited about it!

Tonight we gave Will rice cereal. I can tell he is ready to eat - he seems hungry all throughout the day, even after I feed him. He had NO IDEA what to do with a spoon though! Apparently babies are born with the instinct to suck and thrust their tongue outward, so they have to learn to eat with a spoon. I'm not sure if any of it made it into his mouth, but he seemed to enjoy it!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

This is my favorite photo yet!! Those eyes!!!
OK, I'm buying my plane ticket to come up
there....gotta get my hands on him!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I did the Beth Moore Ester study last year and it is Great!! Will looks so cute, can't wait to come visit some time this summer!


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