Wednesday, December 30, 2009

High school friends

We got to catch up with several friends from high school (actually elementary school) today that we don't get to see often. This afternoon, Craig and Ashley brought over their son Benjamin to meet Will. Benjamin and Will were born 2 weeks apart this past July!

When they came over, Will was still asleep in his car seat. Matt really wanted to wake him up to play with Benjamin.

You can tell from the expressions of both daddy and baby how well that went.

He calmed down though and couldn't take his eyes off Benjamin!

What a cutie!

And tonight we went to dinner at Jenny and Adam's. We had fun reminiscing about their first date - the homecoming dance when the four of us spent the night at Jenny's and stayed up all night watching movies. Who would have thought at the time that we were with our future spouses!

Adam made ribs on his new Green Egg grill. They were AMAZING! And Jenny made a delicious salad, corn casserole, and baked beans to go with it!

Morgan and Baylie loved the ribs too!

The night was not without a hitch though. Will was being a little fussy as we sat down to eat so Matt took off Will's pants (usually Will gets happy when we take off his pants) and sat him in his lap while we ate. A few minutes later we hear a sound and look down and poop is easing out of Will's diaper and all onto Matt's jeans. We had to rush them both upstairs while we held a naked baby under the faucet in the bathtub. It was lovely.

Jenny made Paula Deen's banana pudding for dessert. Oh my word. DELICIOUS!

Sweet Baylie Grace and Morgan

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