Friday, December 18, 2009

5 months

Will is 5 months old today!

To my sweet baby boy:
  • You have started trying to roll over! You get about halfway there and then we have to give you a shove.
  • You have discovered your feet and you love holding them up in front of your face and trying to put them in your mouth! It is so cute to watch!
  • You still eat 5 times a day, about every 3 hours.
  • You are completely in 6 month clothes now. Your grandparents say that you look bigger every time they see you!
  • Even though I cut your nails about every other day, you still somehow find a way to keep your face scratched up!
  • You sleep from around 10-11 to around 8:30-9:30 in the morning, and you are doing great sleeping in your pack-n-play!
  • You LOVE watching tv. Especially when we turn on cartoons on the big flatscreen at the Darts. You immediately stop crying and become enthralled. Like father like son.
  • I love nothing more than watching you smile and knowing that you are a happy little boy! I love you SO much!

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