Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas gifts

Tomorrow is our last day in St. Simons. I'm really sad about it and wish we could stay longer. It has been a GREAT past 5 weeks of enjoying family, warm weather (comparatively!), good southern food, and the slow island lifestyle.

We've seen 2 movies over the last couple of days: Blindside and Avatar. Here is what I think of each:
  1. Blindside - A true story that is an inspiring, feel-good kind of movie. Definitely go see it!
  2. Avatar - The computer graphics and scenery were amazing and make this movie worth seeing, but be prepared for the over the top worship-mother-earth concepts, which were almost as bad as the blatant anti-military propaganda (an OBVIOUS critique on the War on Iraq). It was so bad that a few times Matt and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.
And, I thought I'd share a few of our Christmas gifts this year:

This shows basically what I've looked like over the past 4 days! It's a Nikon D90 and I am in love! And MB gave me Photoshop, which I can't wait to learn how to use!

If you remember, our other casserole pot had a nice death when we attempted Boeuf Bourguignon a few months ago. This one will be able to stand up to Matt's cooking, and I love it in this cobalt blue color!

My mom brought Will (before he was even born!) back these suede mittens from Italy! I LOVE them! She also brought back a scarf and leather purse for me and olive oil for Matt.

Matt's dad and Shelia gave us this BIG box of spices from Penzy's! Matt was in absolute heaven! And I can't wait to taste what he makes with these:)

Jessica gave me these BE-EWWTIFUL Kate Spade earrings and bracelet. Love it.

Anyone who knows Matt at all knows how much he loves to read (side story: one of his neighbors called his mom all worried when he was little because she saw him riding his bike down the street while he was reading and she was concerned for his safety!). He also loves reading to Will, and these Dr. Seuss books from the 2 grandmama's are his favorites!

It goes without saying that we got many generous things from our family and are thankful and grateful for ALL of them!

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