Monday, November 30, 2009

A long random post

Matt flew back to Chicago this morning. His flight was at 6:30am out of Jacksonville, so it was an early morning for him! But thankfully he made it back in time for his 10:30 class.

And now for some randomness:

  • The season premiere of Hoarders starts tonight at 10/9c on A&E! Fascinating show.
  • Check out Amazon's Deal of the Day: a year-long subscription to several magazines for only $5! And it includes 2 of my favorites: Real Simple and Southern Living!
  • Speaking of magazines, check out the cover of Elegant Island Living:

  • Yep, it's my parents! They agreed to have their picture taken, but had no idea it was for the cover. Ha!

    Also, notice the swing in the background? The picture is taken at the King and Prince, and they have swings overlooking the ocean. My parents sat in that very swing in 1980 when they were pregnant with me and tried to think of names for me (I was named Frances from my mom and grandmother's name, and Miller from my other grandmother's maiden name). When Matt and I were dating in high school, we loved going to sit on these swings to talk. It was probably our favorite thing to do.
  • And here are a few more pictures from our weekend!
Aunt Karen and Uncle Hendley (my mom's brother and his wife):

Uncle Don and Uncle Bob (Mr. Dart's brothers):

Mrs. Dart, aka 'Grandmama':

Will enjoying his walks!

And Will's newest discovery: his feet! He thinks they may taste good, especially with socks on.

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Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

Wow! You're parents made the cover! Chris is already requesting his autographed copy :-)

Chris and I have sat on those swings, too. I think it was when we first visited SSI together and were just dating. How fun!

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