Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy Thursday

I am VERY busy doing last minute laundry and packing today, but I wanted to post this article that came out today on Adam Wainwright (he and his wife Jenny are friends of ours). The article talks in length about St. Simons, the island where Matt and I and Jenny and Adam all grew up. Aahh...I can't wait to be there in a few days!

We celebrated Matt's birthday at Oceanique last night. It's right down the street from us and has won all kinds of awards for Chicago's best seafood (even though it's in Evanston), but Matt and I had never been. Amazing is all I can say. Matt got their 6 course tasting, and boy was he in his element! He woke up this morning still talking about the quail and foie gras (which he told me is pronounced 'fwah grah' and not 'foy grah' like my southern accent kept saying) and fennel and all kinds of other weird but delicious things.

We came home and Matt opened gifts from family, including a kitchen scale, a cutting board, a mandolin, and a cookbook - can you tell what Matt likes to do?:) And, I made my 97th dish from my new cookbook - texas sheet cake! Or as Matt dubbed it "gooey fudgy brownie." YUMM... I really need to stop making this delicious fattening food, but it was his birthday, so I HAD to;)

Tonight Will has a 4 month doctors appointment, and he'll be getting more shots. I'll post later and let you know how it went!

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So was it the best chocolate sheet cake ever like promised?? It looks delicious! Great picture of you guys--Miller you look amazing, motherhood certainly agrees with you. So looking forward to seeing you guys Sunday. Pictures of yall with Pioneer Woman are hilarious! xo Casey

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