Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our random week

Matt has been in San Fransisco this week so Will and I have been by ourselves for the last few days. He has been such an easy baby though...I've been very blessed! Yesterday we went to some outlets about 45 minutes away in Wisconsin, and he slept pretty much the whole time we were gone!

Matt got back today and we went to see the Amelia Earhart movie with some friends tonight. I love movies based on real life and couldn't wait to see it. The movie was really good - Hilary Swank does an amazing job playing Amelia. The ending is frustrating and sad, although it isn't a tear-jerker.

I've read some good stuff this week on different blogs I follow and wanted to share some of them.
  • Kerri wrote an excellent post on the relationship between diabetes and guilt. Well worth reading.

  • John Piper talks about why the "prosperity gospel" is a false gospel.

    Also, a different blog I read gave a link to this video done by Christianity Today showing the outcome of the prosperity gospel in other countries. It will make you sick.

  • Unclutterer listed several questions to ask yourself when deciding what clothes to keep in your closet and what to get rid of. It has inspired me to get rid of more stuff. Also, great questions to ask when you are buying clothes - I am notorious for buying clothes and then never taking off the tags:(

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