Monday, November 23, 2009

Finally in St. Simons!

The ride from Chicago to Atlanta Friday was LONG - we left at 11am and got to Atlanta around 3am. Traveling with a baby and 2 dogs isn't the easiest. We laughed reminiscing about our carefree days of zipping into a restaurant while on the road. Now, we pull into the parking lot and I sit in the back and feed Will and then change him while Matt feeds the dogs, goes somewhere looking for water for them, and then takes them on a walk. THEN, we may think about going in to get dinner. Will did great though. Matt and I took turns sitting in the back with him and keeping him entertained and happy.

The first of 249 stops on the way home. The bags in the back had fallen on the dogs:(

We stayed at Matt's sister Jessica's house in Atlanta. Saturday night Matt made a pot of chili (Matt-style of course; he went to the international food market and used things like chorizo, tomatillos, and chipotle peppers in adobo sauce) and we had friends over. We had SUCH a good time catching up with them.

Mecall holding Will and Ashley holding Mecall's little girl Lucy

Uncle Beau and his girlfriend Kate holding Will

Aunt Mary Beth and Mecall

Matt's chili!

Ashley Monk

Beau, Matt, Becca, and Jacob

Aunt MB!

Uncle Beau. What a pro.

Sunday we woke up and drove to Augusta to see Matt's sister Casey and her husband Eric. Casey is expecting their baby boy any day now and we can't wait to meet him! They took us to a Sunday brunch buffet at their country club and we ate lots of yummy southern food that we can't find up north like fried okra and cheese grits.

After lunch Casey took us to the Augusta museum to see the gingerbread house that she'd made that is on display there. She won first place and it was awesome! She is very talented!

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