Tuesday, July 31, 2012

St. Simons - week 2

Matt left after the first week in St. Simons but Will and Liza and I stayed behind another week to get in a little more fun with family!

I love these pictures of Will with his Meme - can you tell how much he loves her?

Will got to spend a lot of time with Pops too - Pops taught him how to catch a football and shoot his new water gun, took him to a special lunch for just the two of them, and went to the park with him almost every night after dinner.

I walked downstairs one morning to find this, and had to run back upstairs to get my camera...

Will and Liza got to see the rest of their family too - on Wednesday Will went to the beach with Grandmama, Aunt Casey-mo, and Otto. And on Thursday mom and Will and Liza and I went over to Casey and Otto's house for a play date and lunch! Grandmama and Aunt Kate and Baby Beau were there too!

And on Friday we took Will and Otto to the Casino pool. They have slides and a shallow pool that is PERFECT for little kids - Will had such a good time!

We had a GREAT time in St. Simons!!


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Great pics of my favorite kiddos!! You sure captured some fun moments...brings me smiles over and over!

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