Sunday, July 22, 2012

3 years

The birthday crown and magic wand he made at summer camp this week:)

With Will turning 3 I wanted to write down a few of the cute things he says and does right now - I want to remember what my sweet boy is like at this age:)
  • His favorite word is "Why?" And no response seems to satisfy him - it only invites another "But, why?" I love his curiosity!
  • I told him one time when he hurt himself that we could pray to Jesus and He would heal his boo boo. Since then, anytime he falls or bumps his head the first thing he says is "It's ok mom. Jesus will heal it."
  • He copies EVERYTHING he hears us say, even some things I don't remember ever saying. He was playing with some toys the other day and they kept falling over and I heard him say "Not again! Golly molly, not again!"
  • He randomly tells Matt and me (and his extended family) that he loves us. We'll be driving down the road and he'll say "Mom, I really really love you" in his sweet little voice.
  • Every time we tell him we're going to a restaurant for dinner he begs to go to "Chuck E Jesus" (Chuck E Cheese's)
  • He really loves his little sister and shows a lot of concern and care for her. If she starts crying he will say "Mom, feed her! Feed her mom!" The other day he saw a mark on her stomach (she has a hemangioma on her stomach) and was really concerned about this "boo boo." I told him that she'd have it a little while and then it would go away but it doesn't hurt her. Later, I saw him kneeling beside her little bouncy chair quietly saying "God, please heal Liza's boo boo and make her feel all better. Amen." He has SUCH a tender heart!
  • He knows every word to House of the Rising Sun, Sweet Baby James, and Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Matt sings these songs to him before bed, and Will has now learned them perfectly:)
  • He is such a friendly kid! He introduces himself to every kid he meets at the playground - he will usually smile and wave and say "Hi! I'm Will!"
  • He is always saying "Mom (or Dad, etc.), want to play with me?" or "Want to dig with me?" or "Want to color with me?" It is so cute, and impossible to resist:)
  • He sings the blessing every night before dinner. He sings "Tank you Fa-da, tank you Fa-da, tor our food, tor our food, anymore blessings, anymore blessings, a-ma-men, a-ma-men" for "Thank you Father, thank you Father, for our food, for our food, and our many blessings, and our many blessings, amen, amen"
  • The other day he asked us to sing the snowman song. We told him we weren't sure how that song went and asked him to sing part of it. He did, and sang "the snowman came rolling home" A light went off in our heads - it was "This Old Man"..."with a knick-knack paddy-wack give a dog a bone, this old man came rolling home." I can see where he'd hear "this old man" and think it was "the snowman"!
  • When he is talking to both Matt and me, he will say "you guys" instead of "ya'll" - he's more of a Midwesterner than he knows:)
  • He likes to dance whenever there is music on. Sometimes to him that just means spinning around and around but he will also dance with me, which is really cute. Some of my favorite memories are cooking dinner and listening to music and dancing around the kitchen with my little buddy.
  • He LOVES Curious George and Mickey and carries them around the house with him. Matt took a picture of him sitting with them on his bed this afternoon. Will grabbed the phone to look at the picture and said he wanted to show it to his "boys" and held it up to Mickey and George's face. He then said "It's so cute Dad. Send it to Mom!" So I got a text of this picture this afternoon while I was downstairs feeding Liza...
  • He likes to play "blast off" with daddy - something Matt remembers doing with his own dad when he was little:)


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

And he sings Jesus Loves Me on perfect pitch! Melts my heart! He is
such a joy!!

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