Saturday, July 28, 2012

St. Simons - week 1

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from St. Simons. Our trip got off to a rocky start - we missed our flight down there (because of bad weather and slow traffic getting to the airport) and had to go back home! It was awful, and Will was so upset - we'd built up this trip so much! But we told him we would just try, try again the next day...and then we took him to a movie:)

Day 1, waiting on the train in longterm parking and excited about our trip:)
Day 2, exact same spot
We spent a lot of the first part of the week at the beach house that Matt's family rented for the week. This was our first time to meet Baby Beau, Will and Liza's cousin that is 3 weeks younger than Liza!

Baby Beau getting a bath! 

The newest Darts! 
Sweet cousins!

Liza and Aunt Sherry

My extended family came to St. Simons the day after 4th of July so we spent the next few days with them!

Cute Baby Jack!


Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

Man I miss those munchkins! Such great pics, capturing the expressions and the pure joy. Can't wait to see yall again!

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