Saturday, July 14, 2012

Will's "George" Party!

We had an early birthday party for Will while we were in St. Simons. I asked him a few months ago what kind of party he wanted to have, and suggested things like trains or dinosaurs or something and he very enthusiastically said he wanted a "George" party - Curious George! He loves to read Curious George books and he also likes to watch Curious George on tv. So, a Curious George party it was! 

Carrying his new George around that my mom gave him the morning of the party!

My mom got him this little jumpy castle and he LOVED it!

We had the party around lunchtime and served hotdogs, chips, fruit skewers, veggies, and popcorn - and bananas of course!

We made a REALLY good banana punch. I know it doesn't sound great but it was awesome - I found the recipe here. (And you can add rum to leftover punch for a great frozen drink!)

For dessert we had brownie bites, a banana split bar with homemade ice cream, and birthday cake!

The cute brownie toppers that my cousin Christine made!
Banana split bar!
The amazing George cake that Grandmama made!
Liza slept through most of the party!
Cousin Jack!
Dalton grilled hotdogs for us!
Seeing his George cake for the first time with Grandmama

Baby Beau slept for most of the party too!
Liza wore her monkey dress
Uncle Beau and Baby Beau

Sweet boys!
Jack (1 1/2), Liza (9 weeks), Will (almost 3!), Beau (6 weeks), and Otto (2 1/2)

Playing with his Pig Popper from Aunt Lulu!
For favors we gave Curious George and the Birthday Surprise book along with a lollipop!
My sister took Will out for breakfast at Sweet Mama's before the party and took these pics...

And she got this video of us singing Happy Birthday to our little man:)


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What a fun party! Miss yall already. xox COusin Otto and family

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