Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

I love the 4th of July, and I especially love spending it on St. Simons! We had a great time this year going to the parade and beach, grilling out, and watching the fireworks!
Waiting on the parade to begin!

Pool and beach time!

Happy girl!
Matt's family rented a beach house for the week so we grilled out there for dinner with both of our families! It was nice to have everyone together!

Brother and sister
Grandmama and Liza
Liza and Baby Beau in their patriotic attire - the first of many pictures to come of these cousins born 20 days apart!
Grandmama with all of her grandbabies! I think this is the only picture I got where you can actually see everyone's face:)
Watching the boats with Pops!

After dinner we went outside and did sparklers and a few fireworks!

Cousin Otto

We watched the fireworks from the roof of the house

Will couldn't go to sleep that night and kept talking about the beach, sandcastles, parade, fireworks, etc. ...it was a fun day!


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