Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A day in the life of Matt...

Three guesses on what Matt is doing...

A) He's volunteering with the Chicago area bomb squad and is serving as a human model of a living biochemical weapon (is it obvious we are into 24?)

B) He is participating in a study at Northwestern's school of psychiatry to try to understand his complex brain (ok, you know he told me to write that one!)

C) He's undergoing a 20 hour sleep study to try to understand why he is narcoleptic

As most of you know, Matt has trouble staying awake during the day.

A few little known facts about Matt:

1. One time in college while driving back on the interstate from visiting me in Birmingham, Matt was actually woken up by his cell phone ringing.
2. During Matt's first quarter at Kellogg, he raised his hand to ask his professor a question. While the professor was answering the question, he stopped himself to say, "Matt! You can't fall asleep while I'm answering your question!"
3. One time in undergrad, a professor handed a test back to Matt and said in front of the class, "Matt, you got the highest grade. Just think what you could do if you stayed awake even one time in my class."
4. Last spring, Matt took the train into the city four times. Three of those times he fell asleep and missed his stop.
5. During Matt's first summer in Moscow, he fell asleep on the Metro and missed his stop. The other 15 Americans and Russians he was with got off and Matt woke up to find himself lost in the world's largest public train system without knowing a lick of Russian.
6. At his last job, Matt built a sleeping cubby underneath his desk and took daily naps.

Ok, that last one was George from Seinfeld - Matt is proud of himself that he's never fallen asleep on the job (at least one that wasn't hourly) (nodding off in meetings doesn't count)(according to Matt).

So you can see, it is a problem. Last summer he got on medication that really seemed to work, but in order to continue to get the medication his doctor said he'd have to do a sleep study. So last night was the night! They monitored his breathing, snoring, leg movements, brain waves, heartbeat, lung intake, eye movements, and teeth clenching. It sounds pretty thorough! But he said he was able to sleep just fine last night and during all 5 of his mandatory "nap times" today. Hopefully they will come back with the results soon and Matt will get whatever treatment he needs!


Amber Vestal said...[Reply to comment]

HA! #5 was pretty entertaining for me

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