Monday, February 15, 2010

Our weekend

My mom left Friday - we had such a good time with her and miss her already! Here are a few more pictures that we took before she left.

We had a GREAT weekend. We rented several movies - State of Play (we both enjoyed), Hurt Locker (Matt liked, a little intense for me), and Love Happens (it was ok). And Saturday we made Pioneer Woman's restaurant style salsa and ate more chips than we'd like to count! Does it make it better that we went to the gym first ;) The salsa is delicious - I think we'll be making this often!

Sunday we went to church and then to a southern brunch at Big Jones in Andersonville. I got fried okra and I was happy!

After brunch we went to the Art Institute of Chicago. This was the first time I'd been, and it is free during February.

Matt in front of Seurat's "A Sunday Afternoon"

Thankfully Will kept himself busy most of the time...

Will and I checking out some art

When we left the Art Institute we went to the Russian Tea Room for tea! It is right down the street from the Art Institute, and was a lot of fun! They serve tea in the traditional tea cups like Matt remembered from Russia. And Matt got a piece of chocolate cake! All in all it was a great afternoon!


Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

We went past the Russian Tea Time restaurant in Chicago and it reminded me so much of the Russian Tea Room in NYC. It looks yummy!

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