Monday, January 23, 2012

Will is 2 1/2!

2 1/2 is such a fun age! He is curious, energetic, and creative. I have funny, sometimes meaningful, sometimes weird conversations with him everyday. He makes me laugh all the time. Here are a few of the things he is up to right now:
  • His teachers and babysitters have all commented to me that he talks NONSTOP! I think he is going to be an extrovert like his daddy!
  • He loves being artistic and creative right now and we really encourage him with this. He likes to to color, draw on his magna doodle or ipad app, and paint. When I take him to school he usually goes to an easel and starts painting before I even leave! And his favorite thing to do at home right now is to draw on his chalk board that Uncle Rob and Aunt Lennette gave him for Christmas!
  • He finally sleeps with a blanket and a pillow! He's never allowed anything in his crib with him, and if we tried to put a blanket or stuffed animal in there with him he would immediately throw it out. Now he seems to like it!
  • His most commonly said phrase right now is "I don't like___" It could be anything: a tv show that is on, food that is on his plate, a toy, a person, Ellie and Coco. He likes to let us know what he doesn't like, and it changes daily.
  • He doesn't sit in a highchair or booster seat anymore for meals. He got a little table from Meme and Pop-pop for Christmas and this is where he eats breakfast and lunch now! And where he plays with daddy!

  • He runs laps around our house all the time. He likes for me to say "Ready set go!" and then he takes off, doing lap after lap. It makes me exhausted just to watch him. We have to cheer him on too, or he'll say "Look at me! Look at me! I'm running!"
  • His favorite question to ask is "What are you doing?" We've answered it so many times that he's started copying our most common response..."I'm just standing/sitting here!"
  • He's also started copying our exclamations (we are having to watch what we say around him now!) You always get a few funny looks when you are out in public and your 2 year old drops something and shouts "Oh my gosh!" or "Shoot!"
  • His most requested foods are pb&j's, frozen grapes, cheese, and yogurt. He also likes to help us cook dinner...

  • When he is excited, he will run and enter a room with a jump (sometimes accompanied by an enthusiastic "Ta-da!" He does this when I drop him off at school - he'll run down the hall to his classroom and enter it with a big jump (and he LOVES school right now!)
  • He has a very caring personality and says the sweetest things to me. If I'm laying down he'll look concerned and say "You ok mommy? You don't feel good mommy? You need medicine?" Whenever I tell him I love him he gives me a hug and says "I love you mommy!"


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Well they dont get any sweeter than that--Love him. Happy 2 1/2 COusin Will! xox Otto and his parents

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

oh! i miss sweet, will!! glad to see that he is such a joyful and helpful big boy! xxoo lulu

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