Monday, January 16, 2012

MLK weekend and snow!

We had a snowstorm come through Chicago Thursday. There wasn't any snow on the ground already, and a few hours after it started this was the view out our window...

I think we got about 10 inches Thursday afternoon! Will was so excited to go out and play in it, so when Matt got home from work they went out and made snow angels...

Will loves playing in the snow! He spent a lot of time Saturday and today outside, and we had to eventually drag him back in!

Today I had an appointment to be inserted with a new device that will check my blood sugar continuously throughout the day. This is actually part of a one week trial that my insurance makes me do before they'll approve me to have one. It is attached to the back of my arm with a small catheter under the skin...

Sexy isn't it? I already have an insulin pump, which is about the size of a beeper that attaches by tube and catheter to me all the time to give me insulin. I told Matt today that I am starting to feel part robot! I am hoping to get this new device though, because I think it will help me get my blood sugars in excellent control for the rest of this pregnancy, which is extremely important for me and the baby.

While I was at the doctor's, Matt sent me this picture of Will standing next to the snowman they'd built...

Will's been wanting to make a snowman for awhile, so I am glad they made one today!

Matt also made an igloo big enough for he and Will to play in...

It was a great day to have Matt home with us - I think Will had a ton of fun!


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

Ahh, another igloo! Didn't he make one last year and the video camera fell over while he was trying to convince Will to crawl in?

Very cute photos :-)

Matt Dart said...[Reply to comment]

I did, but this one is much better - both bigger and more structurally sound. It's still standing even though most of the snow in our yard has melted! Wet snow is a pretty amazing building material.

Duski said...[Reply to comment]

Miller, I'm so curious about the blood sugar monitor! Does it connect to your pump and deliver insulin based on the reading...or do you still bolus yourself?

I'm jealous of the awesome snow. As you know, even when it does snow down here, it's too icy and gross to be able to make anything other than maybe a snowball with! Looks like fun! How neat that life with snow is going to be so natural for Will...the son of 2 southerners.

Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]
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Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Hey...I didn't preview and messed up! Loved all the snow photos!! Can't tell who's having more fun...Will or Matt! Glad to see he's enjoying his snow boots! I'll have to hear more about this new device...sounds
Love, Mom

Miller said...[Reply to comment]

Duski, it is a Continuous Glucose Monitor by Medtronic. It's been out for a few years but insurance is still very slow to approve it (pregnancy helps). It lets you know your blood sugar and lets you know how it is trending (moving up or down too fast), but it doesn't control the insulin in the pump. Everyone I know who has gotten one says it immediately has brought their A1C down to normal, so I am pretty excited about it!

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