Friday, December 10, 2010

Time to party

We went to a kid's Christmas party at Matt's office today...

Will had such a good time! He usually hangs around Matt and I when we are around a lot of "strangers", but today he was fearless...

He walked around the entire time and was interested in all the other kids!

He even took himself on a little tour of the office, stopping to wave to people along the way...

Santa came and gave the kids gifts...

But Will wasn't too sure he liked Santa...

He did, however, decide that he liked his gift (legos)!


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

Oh my word, his outfit is too cute :-)

And I'd be a little scared of that Santa, too, Will! He looked a bit creepy!

Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Can hardly wait til Christmas now!! He's way
too excited over those legos! Or is he excited
to be away from Santa?? LOVE that kid!!

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