Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A few good books

Here are a couple of books that I've read recently that I really enjoyed.

1. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Barbara Kingsolver, an author probably best known for her novel The Poisonwood Bible, decided with her family to eat local for a year. They moved across the country and lived on a farm, growing all of their vegetables and raising chickens and turkeys. It is written in a way that keeps it really entertaining - her husband and daughter chime in with their thoughts from time to time. The book will make you interested in what you are eating and where it comes from. It raises questions that I'd never thought of before - like the concept of fruits and vegetables that are "in season" when you can go to the grocery store any day of the year and see every fruit and vegetable imaginable. This book completely changed the way I think about food (I talked Matt's ear off about it while I was reading it!) I highly recommend it.

2. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young
I got this a few months ago and have been LOVING it. It is a devotional book with a short reading for every day of the year. It is written as if God is speaking to you, and has some scriptures at the bottom that you can look up if you want. The reading is short, but packed full of wisdom and insight! If you are looking for a devotional book, I highly recommend this one.

3. Somewhere Inside by Laura Ling and Lisa Ling
You may have heard the story of Lisa Ling's (she was a host on The View) sister, Laura, who was held captive by North Korea for several months last year before President Clinton flew over there to bring her home. They've written this book together to tell their story, which to me was fascinating. I didn't know very much about North Korea, and since reading this book I've read other stuff on it. The book goes back and forth from the viewpoint of Laura, being held captive, and Lisa, who was doing everything possible to bring her sister home. I couldn't put this book down, and read it in about 2 days.

4. Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman
You probably remember a few years ago hearing about Steven Curtis Chapman's daughter being killed in their own driveway after being hit by a car that their son was driving. This is their story, told by his wife, Mary Beth. It is not just a sad book thought. There are several sections that will have you laughing hysterically - Mary Beth is really funny. And there are others that will have you crying. It was a very emotional book, and I'm glad I read it. She also talks a lot about adoption, something they are passionate about. A great read!

What have you read recently that you've enjoyed? I am always looking out for new things to read! And if you've read one of these, what did you think?


Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...[Reply to comment]

The food book sounds interesting, especially because of where we're living. In New Zealand, if something isn't in season, then you aren't going to find it anywhere. No more going to the grocery in the middle of winter to buy strawberries! Of course, the seasons here are reversed, so strawberries are in the store right now... but that's because it's summer here. So confusing!

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