Sunday, December 5, 2010

New look

Surprise! I've changed the look again! (If you are reading this in a feed reader, click through to see.) It is so easy to do that I plan to change it with each season. We'll see!

If you are thinking about starting a blog or want to change the look of yours, here are a few links that I've found helpful:
  • Blog Headers (Banners) - I used this quick and easy blog header tutorial...the instructions look long but it really is quick and actually kind of fun, at least to me:)
  • Fonts - This site has the cutest fonts, and here are directions on how to use them
  • Colors - this site is great with helping match colors together, and will give you the HTML codes for putting on your blog
  • Picture Size - by default, Blogger uploads tiny pictures that are hard to see. If you want your pictures to be bigger, go to Settings, scroll to the bottom to Global settings, and choose Updated Editor under Select Post Editor. Once you upload your pictures, you can click on them and choose the size you want (I do extra-large) - so easy!
  • Other Tutorials - this site  and this site both have random, helpful information related to blog design
  • This is a good post about 9 quick steps to a better blog experience. Great advice - I went through and did all of them! 
If you want your blog to look good without learning about blog design or html, here are a few sites with free backgrounds that are super easy to install:
Or if you want something a little more complicated and would like someone else to do it for you, I really like The Design Girl.

If there is anything else you are wondering how I did in Blogger, just leave me a comment!


Brett and Tiffany said...[Reply to comment]

Miller, you rock! I switched my blog a while back to a plain white background and big pictures...but I just couldn't figure out how to do a cute header again with the new template designer. Got it now! I know this month is going to be busy, but hopefully we can see you guys in January. Merry Christmas!

Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

LOVE the blog layout and pics!! You are so good at this!! I'm scared to change mine now but maybe I'll give it a shot...

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