Monday, October 5, 2009

Our weekend

The weekend was cold and rainy here in Evanston, but Matt and I still had a good time! Saturday Matt told me he'd watch the little guy and give me a chance to get out by myself to do some stuff, which was so nice! It felt weird though to be driving around without Will in the backseat.

Yesterday Matt got Will ready for church and dressed identical to himself - a blue check polo shirt with jeans - I thought they looked pretty cute so I had to get a picture (Will refused to look at the camera!)

KCF (Kellogg Christian Fellowship) started back up last night, and Matt and I made pulled pork sandwiches, deviled eggs, and brownies to take! Everything turned out delicious, and it was a great first meeting, with about 25 people there!

We rented Valkyrie this weekend, which is the second movie on World War II that we've rented in the last couple of weeks. The other was Defiance. They are both true stories and both very different. I am fascinated by anything that has to do with World War II, so I enjoyed both of these movies and actually watched them several times before returning them!

Here is a small review of each, in case you are interested:

1. Valkyrie - this is the story of German military who attempted to assassinate Hitler. Tom Cruise plays the main character, who sets a bomb off in Hitler's bunker in July 1944. It is amazing how close he actually got to killing Hitler, and the end is just agonizing!

2. Defiance - this is the story of a group of Jews who hid in the forest during the Holocaust. The story centers around the Bielski brothers, who organized, trained, and took care of this group of about 1800 Jews. The brothers miraculously survived and moved to the US after the war - one of the best parts is the extras on the movie where the family of the two brothers talk about these heroes. An amazing story.

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Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

TOO Cute!! I miss my little buddy!
Grandmother Fran

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

love his blue jeans!!

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