Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our fierce lion!

Last night Will got to wear his first costume! Kellogg has "TG" every Friday at 5 - short for "thank goodness it's Friday", TG is a happy hour where the whole school gets together to kick off the weekend. Last night Kellogg Kids did a costume parade at TG and we took Will dressed as a lion!

There were so many adorable kids - here are two Winnie the Pooh's and a dragon!

As they called each child's name the parents led them up the stairs so everyone could see their costume in the atrium below - I tried hard to get a picture from where I was standing, but this is the best I could get!

Thank you McLeods for the the very cute lion costume! Stay tuned...there may be more costume pics to come over the next couple of weeks :)

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