Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Husband the Chef

If you didn't know, Matt is an absolutely FABULOUS cook. He loves being creative and coming up with new ideas in the kitchen, and he is seriously good at it. We get Cooks Illustrated, Bon Appetit, and Food and Wine, and he watches Iron Chef and America's Test Kitchen religiously, so this is where a lot of his ideas come from. Last week, he mentioned a book that he really wanted to read called Ratio, by Michael Ruhlman. He'd read an article about it that intrigued him. The basic idea is that all foods are based on a ratio of flour, fats, sugar, liquids, etc. Once you learn the basic ratios for foods, you can cook based on proportions instead of following ingredient lists.

To celebrate Matt finishing his last class of the year, I got him this book last Thursday. He started reading it right away, and decided to make dinner last night using some of the principles in this book.  He made a pasta dish using homemade noodles, italian sausage, artichokes, fennel, and edamame, and a sauce he invented. It was incredible!

Today he tried the ratio method to make cookies. He made shortbread cookies, pecan shortbread cookies, almond shortbread cookies, and lime poppyseed cookies! They were all delish!

I feel so lucky that my wonderful husband likes to cook for me and he is so good at it!!!

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