Sunday, November 28, 2010

A great weekend!

Matt and I thoroughly enjoyed having Thanksgiving at our house this year. Not traveling, and having a lot of time to relax before Matt goes to work tomorrow is so nice! We may make this a tradition.

I didn't check my email yesterday until last night - so I had no idea Matt had written that sweet post yesterday! He is so thoughtful - I am incredibly blessed to have spent the last 6 years with him. Our anniversary is always a few days after Thanksgiving and is usually overshadowed by all the other holiday festivities. But, we enjoyed a quiet day yesterday that couldn't have been more perfect. We sipped coffee, watched movies, put our Christmas tree up, and enjoyed a fire in our fireplace the whole time. And Matt made us a great gourmet dinner!

Here's a few more pictures from the last few days...

Out to lunch, and pretty excited about it:)
Loading up on firewood! Yea! We've had nonstop fires ever since.
Picking out a Christmas tree!
We found one in a hurry - we were absolutely FREEZING!
Getting ready to root on the Jackets!


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