Monday, November 22, 2010

A few random things...

  • For the first time, we are not traveling for Thanksgiving this year. We've just traveled so much recently, we couldn't bear the thought of doing it again so soon! We invited our families to our house, and my mom and sister are coming! I am so excited and I'm looking forward to hosting this year!
  • I made this Chicken, Potatoes, and Tomatoes recipe after seeing it on Betsy's blog. It's a recipe of Jamie Oliver's, and it was amazing! (I did make quite a few substitutions - I used boneless skinless chicken thighs, plum tomatoes, fresh rosemary, and half balsamic vinegar and white wine vinegar in the place of red wine vinegar since I didn't have any - with a little red wine thrown in!) I love one-dish dinners that can be made ahead of time.

  • The thing I may miss the most from my "pre-celiac" days is pizza. I'd grown to LOVE Chicago deep-dish pizza (Lou Malnati's!), and after trying several gluten-free pizzas, I realized that pizza is something of my past...gluten-free pizza is terrible! Gluten is what gives pizza crust its "chew" - without it, it just tastes mealy and gross. Or so I thought until this weekend when we tried ones from Rose's Bakery. I was amazed, and can't wait to have it again. It's not deep dish, but it tastes as good as (if not better) than any thin crust I've had. Hallelujah!

  • Matt sent me this article this morning on parenting and the over-protectiveness and over-involvement of parents. I love it. Maybe because it confirms how I parent. Hmmm...
  • I've been meaning to post a link to this article for awhile - good reminders for moms!

And, here are a few pictures over the last week...

Saturday morning cartoons
Our crazy dog, Coco, curled up in a bag to take a nap


Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

Adorable pics!! Can't wait to see yall!!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Love those cute Dart boys, especially their matching "bed heads." ;) xo Casey

Betsy Gluten Freedom said...[Reply to comment]

So glad to hear you liked the recipe! That pizza looks amazing.

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