Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Holidays are so much fun at this age...Will has been talking about Valentine's Day for the last few weeks after making hearts and other Valentine's crafts at school, and he has gotten me excited about it too!

We dipped marshmallows in white chocolate and then rolled them in red and pink sprinkles. He watched me do one and then wanted to do the rest himself! Towards the end he got a little taste of the white chocolate and decided it was pretty good:)

Then we dipped strawberries in chocolate. He liked doing this too!

Then we made cards for daddy! Will was so proud of his card!

Meanwhile mama made heart decorations for our "party" (dinner) with daddy!

Lunch was a heart-shaped pb&j of course!

After nap-time he opened a present from mama and daddy - Charlie Brown's Valentine dvd!

And then daddy came home and we had our party! Will ran up to Matt as soon as he walked in the door and said "Happy 'Valem-times' daddy!" and couldn't wait to show him everything we'd made!

I made risotto with chicken and caramelized onions, spinach salad with cranberries, and chocolate mousse for dessert!

And Will got his treat from daddy - a chocolate covered rice krispie treat on a stick! It was a great Valentine's Day!!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

i heart you guys! for 6 weeks, i have 3 little girls of my own and you are right, Miller. Kids make holidays much more fun! thanks for sharing your valentine's fun with all of us! will is getting to be such a big independent boy! can't wait to meet his sister! xxoo lulu

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

These photos are great. I know Fran was excited to see you.
Debbie Gilbert

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