Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meme here and big boy bed!

My mom came to visit last week! The timing was perfect because Matt had to be in LA for work (a weird side note - he was staying at the same hotel where Whitney Houston had just died and President Obama was also staying there for a fundraiser). Mom was a HUGE help in getting things ready for the nursery. I hadn't given much thought to the nursery before she got here and we made a lot of progress in 3 days! I still don't have anything set up, but at least now I know what to put in there and I can picture what it will look like!

Will LOVED having Meme here to play with him - I think you can tell from these pictures how much these two love each other!

Matt had Monday off work for President's Day and we decided it would be a good day for Will to move to a big boy bed! He was REALLY excited about it and danced around all morning saying "Big boy bed! Big boy bed!" I think he's been ready for awhile - it was mama who wasn't! He does so good with his crib and I am very hesitant to change what is going good. But, I know I have to let my little boy grow up! Most all of his friends his age are already in beds, and I knew we'd need to do this before the baby comes so she can use the crib.

It was kind of sad for me to see his crib and nursery things coming down in his room. My baby is a big boy now!
Will was eager to be daddy's helper!

There is still more to do in there - he needs shams for the bed and something on the walls, but it is coming together! I found these dinosaur sheets so he'd have something "fun" to look forward to with his new bed (he loves dinosaurs) but so far he insists on sleeping on top of the quilt - I guess after sleeping in a crib he doesn't know what to make of covers! (Side note: every piece of furniture you can see in the pictures - the bed frame, the bookshelf under the window, and the desk were all found free on the side of the road last summer!)

Monday night was his first night in his new bed. I sneaked into the room to take a few pictures of Matt reading to him before bed - it was the first time we've been able to lay down with him to read and I thought they looked precious!

Will did great with the transition and even slept until 9am his first night in his new bed! I am so proud of my little boy!


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Love that last photo! Sweet little buddy was tired from setting up his "new" room...couldn't make it through one book! Love him!!!

Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

LOVE that last pic too! And love his new room!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

and I loved the pictures of Will and Meme.
Debbie Gilbert

Candice said...[Reply to comment]

Love ALL of your pictures! I can't believe you found Will's bedroom furniture on the side of the road. They are awesome!!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

looks like Will is going to be ready for his new baby sister! he is such a big boy and going to be such a great big brother! miss you guys! xxoo lulu

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