Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun weekend!

Last weekend, two of Matt's oldest friends, Steven and Craig, came up for a guy's weekend in the city. They said that some of their favorite times over the last few years were at each other's bachelor parties, so this spring Craig proposed another bachelor party... even though they are all married now. (And by bachelor party, I mean just hanging out and going to a Cubs game...the craziest thing these guys do is stay out past 10 at night!)

So while Matt was in the city, Meme came to visit Will and me!

Will had a BALL with his Meme in town!

Will's new Woody shirt that he LOVES!
The weather was so nice we enjoyed several meals outside!
They are so goofy together!

On Sunday the guys came up to our house and we made brunch and then showed them around Evanston a little bit before they had to catch their flights home. Meme had to leave on Monday. It was SUCH a fun weekend!!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

love the pictures of Fran!
Debbie Gilbert

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