Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun little boy!

Will went for his 2 year doctor's appointment today (a little late!). He is doing great - at 26 months he weighs 30 lbs and is in the 85th percentile for height. He got a flu shot and a vaccine, but it was his last vaccine until he turns 4!

This was his first week of going to school by himself, and his teachers say he did really well! They take pictures of the kids playing and email them to the parents, which I love! They also send home "turtle-grams" listing out a few things he did that day. Today he covered a baby doll with a blanket, and filled a dump truck with sand. Yay! I'm a proud momma:)

I am loving this stage right now. Before I thought the 6-9 month stage was the best - when they can sit up and are easily entertained, but not old enough to throw tantrums and not mobile yet. But I am REALLY loving the 23-26 month stage so far. The more his vocabulary develops (and it grows HUGE during this stage), the less tantrums we have. He is a big talker...when we are in the car he talks nonstop, pointing out the park, the ice-cream shop, fire engines (anything with lights on top), and garbage trucks (any big truck)! I love that he is inquisitive and I love that as a mom I am transitioning from just nurturing/supervising to actual teaching. Right now I am teaching him about obeying, and I try to incorporate it into everything we do. Most of all, I just love how much FUN this stage is!

Here's a few favorites in Will's life right now:
  • Favorite Movie - Toystory, without a doubt! He asks to watch "Woody" all day, everyday!
  • Favorite Food - "Jelly" sandwiches (pb&j's), "truckers" (crackers), and noodles (any pasta)...I guess he's a carb-lover like his momma!
  • Favorite Book - right now it is "Paddy Bear" (Paddington Bear - we have the series that used to be Matt's when he was little)
  • Favorite Song - he constantly sings the ABC song, which goes "ABCDEFJ...P,QRSTUVWXY and Z, Now (mumble, mumble)" and then he starts is so cute I am going to have to get this on video!
  • Favorite Toy - his 3 Woody dolls and his Thomas the Train. He likes to pretend he has to change their diapers and put them down to sleep (which means laying them on their stomachs, because this is how he sleeps)
"Goodnight Woody! Goodnight Thomas!"
Here's a few pictures of him at the park this week. Earlier that day the check-out lady at the grocery store gave him about six stickers because he kept saying "More sicker!" He proudly wore them for the rest of the day.


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

That sweet thing with his Daddy just melts my heart!!
Sure do miss him!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

I'm laughing because that is exactly how Eli looks when we leave Dominicks too. ;) ~Tiffany

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