Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our week!

Here is our week in pictures (and most of these are iphone pics)...

We decided last minute to take Will to Chuck E. Cheese's to play (we were near one)...he actually hated the few things that we put him on like the cars, but he liked running around looking at everything!

The balls were the only thing he could actually participate in, and he liked those! We thought he was a little too young to enjoy Chuck E. Cheese's, but ever since we got home he hasn't stopped saying "Play games?" and "Big Mouse!" (he saw the giant costumed mascot and loved him!).

We are SUPER sad that our friends Courtney, Dave, and Noah are moving to New York. Courtney and I are trying to squeeze in a few last playdates, and I am sure going to miss this little face!

Will is sad to be losing his friend too:(

Our typical weeknight meal! We buy so many veggies at the farmer's market that we usually just pick 3 for dinner each night! No meat needed! This night we had sauteed okra with smoked paprika, grilled corn with butter, lime, and chile powder, and orange ginger glazed carrots.

Matt took this picture on his phone leaving work last week. I was impressed...I love the light in this picture!

Tomato sandwiches. I can't get enough of them right now. Tomatoes are AMAZING up here right now, and Matt makes homemade mayo and grills the bread...SO good!

We had friends over Friday night for a cookout. We enjoy getting together with both of these couples for dinner and we rotate who hosts. We had pulled pork, slaw, and watermelon!

And I made a caramel cake for dessert! I used a yellow cake recipe from my favorite gluten-free cookbook, and then used Paula Deen's caramel frosting recipe (the best!).

I am SO going to miss this sweet friend! I'm still kind of in denial that she is moving!

My husband is a die hard farmer's market fanatic. It stormed Saturday morning (the only time the farmer's market is open), but we hopped in the car when the rain slowed down just to see if any farmers were still out there. They were, and Matt ran around in the rain grabbing whatever he could find!

Isn't it funny how little boys like to wear boots so much?

Today was our last day keeping the nursery - because Will is moving up to the 2-3 year olds class!!!

I love my little man!!


Debbie Gilbert said...[Reply to comment]

I love everything about your blog. I read it every couple of days. The pictures of Will are my favorites, of course, but you are an amazing photographer. I have tried some of your recipes - particularly the grilled veggies recipe from Casey - and it was so delicious. I told Matt tonight at Don's that your blog is my favorite of all I read. And that is the truth.

Miller said...[Reply to comment]

Wow thank you so much! You are too sweet! I'm sorry we missed seeing you tonight. I had to leave to put Will to bed, but hopefully we'll see you sometime while we're here!

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