Monday, August 29, 2011


In the midst of sadness, we are glad to be with family...

The Darts out to eat: Beau, Kate, Rob, Lennette, Jessica, me, Matt, and Will at Catch 228 Thursday
This is how Will and Otto play together - near each other but not exactly with each other!

Sitting on the front porch at Uncle Don's

Will emptied the cooler bringing everyone drinks - whether they wanted it or not!

Uncle Don, Aunt Sherry, and Casey having dinner at Uncle Don's - there was so much food over there!
Aunt "Lulu" reading to Will and Otto Saturday night at Casey and Eric's new house on St. Simons!


Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

really, miller?!! You have all of these wonderful family pictures up and then you put that one of me making that terrible face in uncle don's kitchen? come on!! help a girl out! (: --lulu

Miller said...[Reply to comment]

Jessica - I took it out! Sorry! Matt looked through them and told me which ones to post, so get mad at him :)

Matt Dart said...[Reply to comment]

I liked it!

Debbie Gilbert said...[Reply to comment]

I liked all the Dart family pictures. What a good looking bunch. Someone is a very good photographer,

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

thanks, miller! i appreciate it! Matt, i now question your judgment! (: but i do love you both and love this blog!! keep the posts coming!! xxoo lulu

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