Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heat wave!

So I guess since it is now June it's nice that I took down the snow pictures huh? :)

Matt and I are probably the only ones who care, but I just have to post a picture of this:

We walked into the grocery store tonight and the first thing we see are Lane peach boxes! We go to the Lane peach farm every summer in Georgia (here is where we went last year) - they have the BEST peaches! I guess I was just a little shocked to see them in our neighborhood grocery store in Evanston Illinois! Small world!

We are having a major heat wave this week with temps getting close to 100. It just doesn't get this hot up here, in the land where central air is rare (we don't have it). So what do we do?...

Keep cool of course!


Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

Love that saggy diaper butt!! And can't believe y'all get Lane peaches!

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