Saturday, June 18, 2011

23 months

Will is 23 months!

My sweet Will,

  • You are putting more words together, like "Good morning!", "Bye Coco" (when you are going upstairs for naps/bedtime), or "Night Night Mama!"
  • You are SUPER friendly. On our morning walks you will yell "Hi!" to anyone you see, and keep yelling louder and louder until they say hi back!
  • Your favorite food at the moment is apples. You also like cheese, yogurt, and berries
  • Your dad and I have to spell out certain words now, like "bike," or "park," because it will likely start a tantrum!
  • Your favorite activities right now are riding bikes, playing with rocks, pushing the swiffer around the house, and reading books (you like to be read SEVERAL before naps/bedtime!)
  • You are the sweetest little guy and I love you more and more every day!


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