Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day weekend!

We had a great holiday weekend. It was cold and rainy Saturday and Sunday so Matt and I did some major spring cleaning and decluttering around the house. It feels so great to have everything organized! On Friday, we went to a local landscaping center and picked out lots of flowers to do a little gardening! Will had fun too!

Saturday morning, before the rain came in, we were able to go to the farmer's market and stopped at a garage sale (our two favorite things to do on a Saturday!). Our old patio table had cracked when the wind knocked it over, and we found this one for only $30! We bleached it and scrubbed it and it looks as good as new!

I'd been working out and look terrible but I have so few pictures with my little man!
On Monday the sun (and the heat!) came out! It got close to 90, so we pulled out the kiddie pool!

And we had a last minute BBQ with friends! It was so much fun!

Will spent most of the day outside, having a ball...


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Love all the new photos of buddy...such a little helper! Beautiful gardening
photos too!

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