Monday, April 18, 2011

21 months

Will is 21 months old!


  • You say more and more words everyday. You know most animals and the sounds they make, and you copy almost any word you hear your dad and I say.
  • You eat all by yourself now - I don't help you at all! You don't eat "finger foods" as much anymore - you eat pretty much whatever everyone else is eating...cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, etc.
  • You LOVE to be outside. I think you have cabin fever like everyone else in Chicago right now, and you stand by the back door and beg to go out. Even if it's cold, I usually just put a jacket on you and let you go on out!
  • You like to help me clean - you especially like using a broom or swiffer! And you like to go put trash in the trashcan!
  • We don't put you in a stroller or carry you when we are out nearly as much anymore - you like to walk (or run!) by yourself and you are pretty good at keeping up with us!
  • I love getting to know you and your personality more everyday! You are an absolute joy to me and I love you SO much!


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