Monday, March 21, 2011

20 months

In all the hurry to leave town, I forgot to do Will's 20 month post! Better late than never…

My little Will,

  • You can say more and more words. You copy things you hear us say all the time!
  • You can point to your nose, mouth, eyes, ears and feet pretty quickly now.
  • You like completely different food now. You get burned out on the same foods pretty quickly and I am constantly trying to think of new things to give you. Your favorite foods right now are cheerios with milk and bananas for breakfast, yogurt, cheese, and strawberries.
  • You can feed yourself now! You do a really good job and you are so proud of yourself when you do it!
  • We had some of your friends over to play this week and I saw the first signs of selfishness with your toys! You weren't too big on the idea of sharing them. But we will be working on that:)
  • Your favorite toys are balls. You love to throw them and run after them.
  • You are the sweetest little guy in the world and I love you to pieces! My absolute favorite moments of the day are when you wake up from your naps and cuddle on my lap. You are precious!


Daniel and Duski said...[Reply to comment]

He looks like a teenager in that first picture!!! :)

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