Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's for dinner?

Matt is the "chef" in our family. He loves cooking gourmet meals and he is really good at it. Now that he is working though, the menu planning, grocery shopping, and food preparation is done by me. My style of cooking is pretty different from Matt's. I prefer recipes that are simple and don't have tons of ingredients, and can be made ahead of time (and thankfully Matt is grateful for anything I cook!).

I've found some really good recipes so far. I've enjoyed reading Kevin & Amanda's blog for a long time (this is where I've gotten all the fonts for my blog). I like reading her photography tips too. But I hadn't really paid attention to the recipes. Until this week. I made 5 of them!

On Monday I made coffee crusted steaks. They were SO good! The recipe said that you would like them even if you don't like coffee, and I agree. I will definitely make these again. I also made roasted carrots that could be made ahead of time. So easy and good.

On Tuesday I made Pioneer Woman's spicy roasted chicken legs. I'm not really a fan of chicken legs or dark meat in general, but these were good (and cheap!) and I'll definitely make these again. I did follow Amanda's advice and omitted the lemon juice and cooked them for 20 minutes on each side. I also made her mac-n-cheese (with gluten-free noodles). I consider myself a connoisseur of mac-n-cheese. I may very well be my favorite food. Anyway, this was good but didn't completely blow my socks off. It didn't have enough flavor for me, which I think is due to the colby jack - next time I'll use sharp cheddar or maybe throw in a little parmesan for flavor.

And I made her homemade ice cream! It doesn't require an ice cream maker. It is basically 2 cups of heavy cream whipped to stiff peaks and folded into a can of sweetened condensed milk that has been mixed with any toppings you want. I tried her cinnamon bun flavor, and it was AMAZING! Although a warning - it is very rich!

And since I haven't posted a picture of Will in a while, here he is trying out his new jogging stroller. (I don't jog, but I do take Will on long walks every day on uneven sidewalks and it is so much easier with a jogging stroller. Thankfully I found this one pretty cheap at a consignment sale and am pretty happy with it!)


Fran Pierce said...[Reply to comment]

Yum!! I'm proud of you for adjusting to the new work schedule and coming up w/yummy meals! Love the new stroller AND the cute kid in it!!!

Mary Beth said...[Reply to comment]

Yum!! I need to jump on the cooking bandwagon and try some of your recipes! And I can't wait to take the little man on a jog one day!!

jessica said...[Reply to comment]

your dishes do look yummy! three guesses as to the one that really jumps out at me! thanks for the picture of will! he is looking taller and handsome as always!

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

Miller, Got my book yesterday! So excited to start reading it, seems like I know the story but I cannot remember........Thank you--xo Casey
ps. so enjoy your blog!!
pss. big hugs to Cousin Will

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

thought yall would be interested in this:


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