Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here are a few more pictures from last week. The weather has been perfect - sunny and in the 70's, so we went down by Lake Michigan one afternoon to enjoy it.

Will enjoyed a popsicle with his dad...

And then they fed ducks in a nearby pond...

We also had a few funny moments last week...

I accidentally left the pantry door open

Matt taught him how to take Coco for a ride around the house

Matt took Will to play outside last week and the next thing I knew he was giving Will rides around the yard in a wheel barrow with his bike seat inside.

And another time Matt took Will for rides around the house by attaching the dog leash to his toy and pulling him around

He enjoyed it!

Matt started work this week, and I know Buddy is going to miss having him around so much. I'm just not as fun as his daddy:)


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